What is a shrub?

A reference to old-school fruit preservation methods and drink additives, shrubs are comprised of fruit, sugar, and acid (typically vinegar.)  Some shrub recipes contain alcohol, but typically ours are non-alcoholic fruit preserves in which fruit juices are extracted with sugar, strained, and married with herb and aromatics-infused vinegar of preference.  This heady liquid can be used straight-up with soda water for a refreshing adult soda that hits the tongue with a well-balanced complexity, or it makes a great component in a mixed cocktail.  We make shrubs from all kinds of fruit, and some of our favorites have been: rhubarb, strawberry-peppercorn, blackberry-lime, blueberry-lavender, and gooseberry.

Bitters?  That sounds... bitter!

We've become fascinated with the way a complex bitter extraction of botanicals and fruits can elevate everything that hits the palate.  As a survival instinct, the brain is highly dialed-in to bitter flavors for their association with poisons and adverse effects.  So if you feed the brain a touch of edible bittering agent, it lights up and pays new attention to everything you're putting on the tongue, to great effect for the mixologist!  Angostura bitters are a classic and unmistakable flavor that everyone knows makes the Manhattan.  We're discovering that bitters make lots of beverages better!  

Oregon is rich in wild edible plants, and we have a wealth of wild bittering agents on offer at the Blue Goat Farm.  Licorice fern, burdock, chicory, wild cherry, Oregon grape, and dandelion, to name a few.  Our cultivated herbs add a variety of great components to the bitters projects as well, and local fruits and wild forage round things out.  Our favorite way to use bitters in drinks?  Add a dash of custom bitters to a beverage that contains the same/complementary flavor profile.  Our rhubarb smash cocktail contains rhubarb bitters; the lavender lemon drop has lavender bitters; mint bitters feature in our triple mint mojito, and we're currently working on a Wild Irish Rose cocktail that makes use of our newest bitters-- you guessed it, wild rose.  

Syrups, infusions, tonics, and fermented drinks

We make ours in-house: herb/floral/fruit-infused syrups, fruit and vegetable vodka infusions, tonic water, and ginger beer.  We also can't resist Beet Kvaas, though this lightly fermented beet-driven health drink has yet to catch on with our patrons!  Ask us what's new when you come in -- there's always something exciting going on!