100% of the Blue Goat's food-based waste products go to animal feed or farm composting, not the landfill!  

We painstakingly sort waste materials to lessen the environmental impact and make use of all useable product.  Your leftover burger bun and uneaten salad?  It goes right off the plate into the veg scraps bin and is delivered to Blue Goat Farm chickens.  Our flock of 35 laying hens greet the compost delivery person with gleeful cackles, chuckles, and coos as they come ...running! to check out the latest goodies.  They sort and utilize what they can, and the rest is accumulated for compost, later becoming garden mulch.  

Meat-based waste products?  We have a farm-based, enclosed meat composting project, which breaks down bone and animal waste into a useable soil product.  Before meat trimmings and bones go to the farm, they are utilized fresh in the kitchen for bone broth, sausage, and other excellent products.  Only the unusable parts are delivered to our farm composting project.  None of it goes in the garbage!